24 April 2014

Easter Sunday

My plans for slowing down on Easter Sunday after a busy weekend didn't exactly pan out. My family came into town for a few days, so in addition to Easter basket finding, Easter dinner and another egg hunt, we crammed in Crew's birthday celebration. We also carved out some time to set up the trampoline since we had extra helpers around and Troy couldn't really complete that task on crutches. It was an exhausting day, but the sugar high and being surrounded with family helped keep the adrenaline flowing.

After attending uplifting church services, it was time to tackle the agenda. Somehow, in the midst of all the festivities, we forgot to snap a family photo. Troy was still in church meetings when the boys found their baskets and by the time he got home, Crew was down for a nap. So, the three boys will have to suffice this year. Just imagine Troy on crutches and me with a hint of a baby belly.

The Easter Bunny (with the help of my brother during the last 15 minutes of church) attached each basket to a trail of yarn as per tradition. 

The boys are getting faster and faster at following those trails that lead to their baskets.


Crew's grandpa assisted him along his yarn trail.





Crew tried to hide from us to dodge naptime, but he couldn't help but peek out from underneath the curtain.

Later that evening, we had one more front yard egg hunt for the grandparents' sake, in the matching shirts their grandma tucked in their baskets. The boys were pros at egg hunts by that point and didn't mind dragging out the festivities one bit.








We wrapped up Easter 2014 on a high note. Our house felt a little empty on Monday morning when everyone headed home and the residual evidence was strewn across the house. Jelly bean trails. A counter full of dirty dishes. Crumpled up wrapping paper from Crew's birthday celebration. Plastic egg halves with no match in sight. 

Sometimes, in this exhausting stage of having young children, I am tempted to let some traditions pass. But in the end, the memories made are worth the effort. I know we would regret it if we missed out on their expressions as they followed their yarn trails and collected more plastic eggs than they could ever need. Plus, having a reason to gather with friends and family always makes the effort worthwhile.


22 April 2014

Easter Weekend

We celebrated Easter all weekend long. We kicked off the festivities on Friday with our traditional egg hunt with friends from the neighborhood. A couple of the families moved away since last year, so the kids were delighted to be reunited again. They didn't even seem to mind the sudden cold front that hit right as the hunt commenced.


They showed off their bunny ears, not to be confused with the peace sign.



On Saturday, we met up with more friends for another egg hunt and barbecue.

Blake was meticulous, as always, about the number of eggs he collected.

One of the families put names on the eggs. It was such a great idea because it made the hunt last much longer, and the kids loved finding the special eggs with their names on them.


Of course, checking out the loot was the best part.

After every egg that Nash opened, he ran across the field and plopped in between the older boys to show off the contents.

He probably went back and forth at least 15 times. It took him quadruple the amount of time to open all of his eggs, but he was on cloud nine when those big boys showed so much interest in his collection of tootsie rolls.

With two egg hunts out of the way, we crammed in a funeral, a wedding reception, a movie, and birthday party prep before Easter morning, when we could slow down and focus on the true meaning of the celebrations.


17 April 2014

Crew and Blake

We didn't do anything out of the ordinary on Crew's actual birthday. He wore his Birthday Boy shirt, we sang to him a few times, and that's about it. Since he didn't know it was his birthday, we're saving the festivities for the weekend when we'll have family in town. 

But I have pause for a moment to give a shout out to Crew's big brother, Blake. He has made this year significantly easier on me. I didn't realize how much help a five/six year old would be. Not only does he happily entertain Crew all day long, but he fills up his water cup, carries him down the stairs when he gets stuck, fetches his clothes and pajamas, distracts him in the car and makes him laugh when he is sad.

These two adore each other. No one can make Crew laugh harder than Blake. They make up games together that I wouldn't even think of. Jumping off the bottom stair onto a beanbag, pounding on balloons and racing across the grass. Blake is Crew's biggest cheerleader when he is working to accomplish new milestones. He genuinely enjoys spending time with him, despite the large age gap. Troy and I always say that we weren't near as interested in our younger siblings. We feel so blessed to have such a sweet, attentive oldest child.






15 April 2014

Crew | One Year









I don't know how it is possible that a year has come and gone since Crew joined our family.

Here is a little flashback to one year ago today.

Crew has been the easiest, happiest, most laid back baby. You can't be around him without smiling.

I'm really glad I was diligent in documenting each month of his life. With the third child, sometimes the monthly photoshoots were the only time I remembered to take pictures of him. Oh how life changes with subsequent babies.

We made it to a year of breastfeeding which I consider quite an accomplishment, especially considering I was pregnant the last four months. There is no bond I love more, and I'm so glad we haven't quit.

Crew is a bundle of joy. At one year, he loves to eat. And eat. And eat. He has recently started clenching his fists and grunting with his entire body, as if he's going to pop a blood vessel, when the food flow isn't quick enough for him. It is equal parts hilarious and frustrating.

He also loves to stand on the dishwasher, take everything out of drawers, climb up stairs, chase my sweep pile, shake his head, bounce to music, and try to catch up with his big brothers.

We adore our little Crewser and can't imagine our lives without him.

Happy Birthday, Crew.


12 April 2014

Another Brother

Another brother is joining our family in September.
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